Our Neighbourhood


Name of Organisation/Location

Community Club

Nee Soon South Community Club

Residents’ Committees / Neighbourhood Committees

> Nee Soon South Zone A RC
> Nee Soon South Zone B RC
> Nee Soon South Zone C RC
> Nee Soon South Zone D RC
> Nee Soon South Zone E RC
> Nee Soon South Zone F RC
> Nee Soon South Zone G RC
> Palm NC
> Springleaf NC
> Waterfront@Khatib NC

Neighbourhood Police Post

Nee Soon South Neighbourhood Police Post

MRT Station

Khatib MRT Station

Town Council Office

Blk 845 Yishun St 81
#02-00, S(760845)
Tel: 6758 4922

Senior Citizens’ Activity Centre

(a) Nee Soon South Zone A RC Senior Citizens’ Corner at Blk 718
(b) Nee Soon South Zone B RC Senior Citizens’ Corner at Blk 796
(c) Nee Soon South Zone F RC Senior Citizens’ Corner at Blk 874

Neighbourhood Centre

Khatib Central Neighbourhood Centre at
Block 845 and 846, Yishun Ring Road and Block 848, Yishun Street 81.

Community Hall

Nee Soon South Community Hall
Blk 845, 3 rd floor, Yishun St 81

 Sport Facilities

(a) Yishun Indoor Sports Hall
(b) Yishun Stadium

Pavilions / Parks Shelter

(a) In Front of Block 728/729, Yishun Street 71
(b) In Front of Block 725, Yishun Street 71
(c) In Front of Block 730, Yishun Street 71
(d) Block 783, Yishun Ring Road
(e) Block 802/803, Yishun Ring Road
(f) Yishun Neighbourhood 8 Park
(g) Blocks 830/833, Yishun Street 81
(h) Block 860 Yishun Ave 4
(i) Block 867/868, Yishun Street 81
(j) Block 875/879, Yishun Street 81
(k) Springleaf Garden
(l) Thong Soon Playground
(m) Springside Garden


(a) Lower Seletar Reservoir Park
(b) Yishun Neighbourhood N8 Park at Blk 810 Yishun Ring Rd

BBQ Pits

(a) Between Block 728 and 729, Yishun Street 81
(b) Besides Block 783, Yishun Ring Road
(c) Besides Block 832, Yishun Street 81
(d) In front of Block 855, Yishun Street 81
(e) In front of Block 868, Yishun Street 81

Basketball Courts / Hardcourts

(a) Between Blocks 723 and 724, Yishun Street 71
(b) In front of Block 780, Yishun Ring Road
(c) Between Blocks 795A and 796A, Yishun Ring Rd
(d) Between Blocks 802 and 803, Yishun Ring Road
(e) Between Blocks 809 and 810, Yishun Ring Road
(f) Between Blocks 821 and 824, Yishun Street 81
(g) Between Blocks 832 and 834, Yishun Street 81
(h) In front of Block 838, Yishun Street 81
(i) Between Blocks 850 and 851, Yishun Street 81
(j) Between Blocks 861 and 862, Yishun Avenue 4
(k) Between Blocks 867 and 868, Yishun Street 81
(l) Between Blocks 875 and 879, Yishun Street 81

Skate Park and Street Soccer Court

Behind Blk 832 Yishun Street 81.


Name of Organisation/Location

Junior College

Yishun Junior College

Secondary School

(a) Naval Base Secondary School
(b) Orchid Park Secondary School

Primary School

(a) Naval Base Primary School
(b)  Pei Ying Primary School

Education Centre

Nee Soon South PAP Community Foundation Education Centre at:


(a) Block 794, Yishun Ring Road
(b) Block 852, Yishun Street 81
(c) Block 874, Yishun Street 81
(d) Block 875, Yishun Street 81
(e) Block 879, Yishun Street 81

SaraSwathy Darma Munee Swaran Kindergarten

Blk 838 #01-322, Yishun Street 81


Name of Organisation/Location


Spiritual Grace Presbyterian Church

109 Sembawang Road

Singapore 779105


(a) Dong Shan Temple
     358 Yishun Avenue 3
     Singapore 769057


(b) Wei Ling Keng
     360 Yishun Avenue 3
     Singapore 769059


(c) Teong Siew Kuan Temple
     362 Yishun Avenue 3
     Singapore 769060


Masjid Ahmad Ibrahim

15 Jalan Ulu Seletar

Singapore 769227

Hindu Temple

Sree Maha Mariamman Temple
251 Yishun Ave 3
Singapore 769061

Sikh Temple

Gurdawara Sahib
601 Yishun Ring Road
Singapore 768684


Name of Organisation/Location

Child Care Centre

(a) NTUC Child Care Centre
     Block 796A, Yishun Ring Road, #01-3382 ,
     Singapore 761796 

(b) My Little Campus The Child Minder Child Care Centre
     Block 849, Yishun Ring Road , # 02-3701
     Singapore 760849

(c) Little Green House Childcare and Development
     Block 832, Yishun Street 81
     Singapore 760832

(d) Jollytots Preschool
     Block 865, Yishun Street 81
     Singapore 760865

(e) Nee Soon South PAP Community Foundation
     Sparkletots Child Care Centre
     Block 723, Yishun Street 71, # 01-157,
     Singapore 760723

(f)  Q-dees Childcare @ Springside
     1 Springside Ave
     Singapore 787013

Family Service Centre

Daybreak Family Services Centre
Block 855, Yishun Ring Road
Singapore 760855

Before- and-After School Care Centre

(a) Nee Soon South PCF
     Before and After School Care Centre
     Block 812, Yishun Ring Road , #01 -4153
     Singapore 760812


(b) Daybreak Before and After School Care Centre
      Block 854, Yishun Street 81
      # 01-3511
      Singapore 760854

Medical Consultations

(a) Sunlove Healthcare Services
     Nee Soon South Zone E RC
     Blk 858 Yishun Ave 4, #01-97
     Every 1st & 3rd Friday of the month, 7.00pm-9.00pm

     Free consultation & basic medication


(b) Wellness for Life @ Nee Soon South
     Blk 839 Yishun St 81 #01-298

     Singapore 760839
     Open Daily: 9am to 8pm (Close on Public Holidays)

Community Nurse Consultation, Mon, Wed, Fri and Sat 9am-12pm. The Wellness Centre provides programme aims to engage citizens above 50 years old to lead a wholesome healthy lifestyle. The programme features a multitude of health activities, including mind games, mahjong, Rummy O, yoga, dance fit, health talks and health screenings.


(c) Clarity
     Blk 854 Yishun Ring Road #01-3511

     Singapore 760854
     Operating Hours: Mon to Fri 9.00am-6.00pm

Nee Soon South partnered Clarity Singapore to set up this 2nd Wellness Centre in 2013. Clarity Singapore is a charity organization and seeks to serve people with health conditions arising from depression, anxiety, stress or difficult circumstances such as past trauma, grief, losses and tough relationships.


(d) Ren Ai TCM
      Blk 718 Yishun St 71 (Senior Citizens Corner)
      Every Monday and Thursday, 7.00pm-9.00pm

      Blk 839 Yishun St 81 #01-290
      Every Tuesday and Friday, 7.00pm-9.00pm

      Open to all residents.

Our objective is to provide free Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) treatment to the sick and financially disadvantaged, regardless of race and religion. Ren Ai Traditional Chinese Medicine Consultation Centre will provide certified and professional Chinese physicians and free medicine.