About Us

Nee Soon South Zone ‘H’ RC has been formed on 30 April 2017 by Er. Dr. Lee Bee Wah after gathering newly moved-in residents interested in volunteerism.

Since its establishment, the RC has actively organised activities for residents. As there are two rental blocks within its precinct, it has also worked with various organisations to organise welfare programmes to enrich and assist the less fortunate families. Amongst the many, the most notable projects are the monthly hot-meal with residents, community refrigerators and homework café.

On top of welfare programmes, the RC has and will continue to organise bonding activities for all residents.

Nee Soon South Zone H Residents’ Committee
Term of Office: 1 April 2018 to 31 March 2020
S.No Name Appointment
 1  Mdm Lai Me Poh, Mabel  Chairman
 2  Mr Lim Joon Yong, Eddie  Vice-Chairman
 3  Mr Koo Sze Liak  Vice-Chairman
 4  Mr Lim Ngiap Wee  Vice-Chairman
 5  Mdm Ang See Theng  Secretary
 6  Mr Lim Hin Thye, Tyson  Assistant Secretary
 7  Mr Yong Hao Xiang  Assistant Secretary
 8  Mdm Yap Bee Yan Treasurer
 9  Ms Hanna Seah Jin Zhi  Assistant Treasurer
 10  Mr Cui Kewei, Joshua  Auditor
 11  Mr Tan Nan An  Executive Member
 12  Mr Rizaluddin Bin Razak  Executive Member
 13  Mr Kaneshwaran s/o Narayasamy  Executive Member
 14  Mr Neo Soon Kiat  Executive Member
 15  Miss Wang Lin  Executive Member
 16  Mr Toh Ming Shen  Executive Member
 17  Mr Ng Kim Piow, Jeremy  Executive Member
 18  Miss Agaisteen Rebecca Shalinah  Executive Member
 19  Mr Lui Wai Chun Stanley  Executive Member