Zone G RC

About Us

Nee Soon South Zone ‘G’ RC was set up on 11 November 2015 by Er. Dr. Lee Bee Wah, with its many initial volunteers heeding her call to volunteerism in Acacia Breeze BTO Facebook Group and in person.

Being the youngest member in Nee Soon South Family, volunteers of Zone ‘G’ RC has already been co-organising event with Nee Soon South CCC to engage its residents, even prior its official set-up date.

Nee Soon South Zone G RC is looking to become even more vibrant and lively with the arrival of the many Breezes (Oleander, Angsana, Palms and Saraca BTOs).

Nee Soon South Zone G Residents’ Committee
Term of Office: 1 April 2018 to 31 March 2020
 1 Mdm Hung Suet Leng, Evelyn Chairman
 2 Mr Mohd Ataullah Bin Fazalur Rehman Vice-Chairman
 3 Long Ji Sheng Vice-Chairman
 4Mabel Wong Sze Min Vice-Chairman
 5 Ms Tazrinah Binte Hussin Secretary
 6 Lim Khee Yong Assistant Secretary
 7 Mdm Tang Karen Treasurer
 8 Ms Chia Seok Guet Cindy Assistant Treasurer
 9 Mdm Noor Hafizah Binte Feshal Bajrai Auditor
 10 Mr Muhammad Zamri Bin Rahman Executive Member
 11Miss Wang Xiao Qing Executive Member
 12Mr Li Zhong Jun Andrew Executive Member
 13Mr Ying Wanhong Executive Member
 14Ms Gao Jie Executive Member
 15Mr Murali Balakrishnan Executive Member
 16Mr Jayam Vishnudav Executive Member
 17Mr Chong Wooi Tat Executive Member
 18Miss Cynthia Yeo Lay Khim Executive Member
 19Mr Ma Chao Executive Member
 20Mdm Huang Hui Lin Executive Member
 21Mr Chua Hueay Hong Executive Member
 22Mr Choo Jonathan Jerome Executive Member
 23 Mdm Agnes Felicia d/o Mogan Executive Member
 24 Mdm Ng Jaslyn Executive Member
 25 Mr Toh Mei Qi, Jonathan Executive Member
 26 Mr Thien Woon Ming Executive Member
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Nee Soon South Zone G RC
Blk 505C Yishun St 52
Singapore 763505
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