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About Us

The Springleaf Neighborhood Committee (SNC) was formed more than ten years ago. It took off originally from a group of residents in Springleaf Gardens forming
a Residents Association that sought to look after the well-being and maintenance of common properties and occasionally organize activities for some 400 private landed homes found
in the Springleaf Estate.

Today, SNC has grown to cover the area spanning from Springleaf Estate, Springleaf Villas, Della Vale, Hong Heng Mansions, Thong Soon Gardens and the Springside (1,300 units) –
with members coming from and representing various estates serving in the committee alongside the many pioneer members.

The Committee, one out of 105 found in Singapore is considered an active one with the NC meeting once in two months and organizing various activities for the residents on a regular
basis. It also forms a strong bridge between the residents and various Government agencies to provide feedback and follow up actions. Members from SNC also make house visits regularly
to touch base with its residents. In 2006, Street reps were also recruited to boost the communication channel so that concerns and issues can be promptly resolved wherever & whenever possible.

Nee Soon South Springleaf Neighbourhood Committee
Term of Office: 1 April 2018 to 31 March 2020
 1Mr Henry Fung Kok KiangImmediate Past Chairman
 2Mdm Ching Chiew LianChairperson
 3Mdm Susan Oh Moi HongVice Chairperson
 4Mr Tan Boon SiongVice Chairperson
 5Mdm Daisy Wee Kia WahVice Chairperson
 6Mdm Elizabeth Wynne Lee Wee YinSecretary
 7Mdm Rajamani Kumari d/o Annamalay TAssistant Secretary
 8Ms Agnes Lim Bee HwaAssistant Secretary
 9Mr Henry Ker Chung WeiTreasurer
 10Mdm Irene Lee Bee YeanAssistant Treasurer
 11Mr Reuel TanAssistant Treasurer
 12Mr Ong Kim SiaAuditor
 13Mr Quek Tee DhyeAuditor
 14Mr Lim Puay Kuan ErnestExecutive Member
 15Mr Chin Fook SenExecutive Member
 16Mr Ng Tiak SoonExecutive Member
 17Mr Tan Beng Kee BrianExecutive Member
 18Mr Cheah Aun AunExecutive Member
 19Ms Dobie Poon Wai LingExecutive Member
 20Ms Leong Kar YeeExecutive Member
 21Mdm Oh Ah HoyExecutive Member
 22Mdm Patricia LimExecutive Member
 23Mdm Josephine Lim Siew ChengExecutive Member
 24Mr Soh Tian SengExecutive Member
 25Mrs Anna Yeap (Teoh Gaik Lan)Executive Member
 26Mdm Sally Xu Bao JuanExecutive Member
 27Mr Wilson Zhuang Wang XiangExecutive Member
 28Mr Loh Eng ChinExecutive Member
Street Representatives List
Chong Kua RoadLeong Kar Yee/ Tan Bang Kee
Dalla ValeDobie Poon
Forest HillsTan Boon Siong
Hong Heng MansionSusan Oh
Hong Heng MansionReuel Tan
Mandai RoadNick Singh
Meng Suan RoadNick Singh
Springleaf AveLim Kim Leng
Springleaf CrescentWilson Zhuang/Sally Xu
Springleaf CrescentPal Singh/ Ng Tiak Soon
Springleaf DriveAnna Yeap/Leo Lum
Springleaf GardenJosephine Phang
Springleaf HeightPatricia Lim / Anna Yeap
SSpringleaf LaneHenry Fung
Springleaf RiseOng Kim Sia
Springleaf ViewJosephine Phang
Springleaf VillasCheah Aun Aun
Springleaf VillasDobie Poon
Springside AveSalicia Hoe
Springside DriveSoh Tian Seng
Springside GreenOh Ah Hoy
Springside GreenIrene Lee
Springside LinkSoh Tian Seng
Springside PlaceMartin
Springside WalkMr Tan/Selicia Hoe
Thong Bee RoadLeong Kar Yee/Bang Kee
Thong Soon AveErnest Lim
Thong Soon GreenDerrick Chin Fook Sen
Thong Soon RoadBernardine Lek
Transit RoadTan Boon Siong
Past Activities


I was born more than 10,000 years ago as part of a large mangrove swarm land. I supported life of a hundred kind and bore witness to decades of transformation – from tropical rainforest, mangroves and coastal hill forests to present modern day being, transcending time that saw humans living in kampong style tucked in a verdant corner of my expansive landscape that is bestowed with a natural habitat rich in biodiversity of creatures and animals. From Kingfishers, white banded monkeys to snakes and dragon flies, their co-existence is as harmonious as one’s rhythmic heart beat in sync with breathing. In the early days, rubber plantations gave rise to employment and in the 1850s gambier and pepper cultivation started within a 18 hectare site and early modern trade-related activities began to transform the lives of our early settlers. School, clinic and mechanized transport came into reality and lives were not the same.

Gradually and over time urbanization has vastly transformed a greater part of me and what remains of my pride is the preservation of my past and remains in History of my transition. I am glad that today you can see me in my new package and can partake & enjoy the tranquility on offer with your family and friends – walk, cycle and even watch birds, breathe the fresh air and explore the biodiversity of what valuably remains.

YES! I am the new Spirngleaf Nature Park. [More]


A humble beginning, two years ago, with two small given plots of land by NParks for community gardening, a handful of enthusiastic residents and members have launched Springleaf Neighbourhood Committee communal garden into the limelight and achieving a Gold award in the 2010 CIB challenge. The NC did not stopped there as they were invited to join and lead Seletar West NC, Woodlands Zone 2 RC and Sembawang Zone E RC – all of which are Gold and the latter Platinum winner to form “Earth Elements”, one of eight teams to compete in the inaugural “Gardeners Cup” coinciding with the Singapore Garden Festival. Earth Elements won the MOST INNOVATIVE GARDEN award and on 16th July received the coveted awards.



With a simple flyer going out to residents staying at Springleaf, Thong Soon, Springside and Hong Heng estates a week before 27th June 2009, the somewhat tucked-away football field at Springleaf Road came alive with a small group of residents comprising of youngsters, parents and even grandparents to attend the soft launch of a brand new interest group.

Following numerous requests from residents made to our MP Er Lee Bee Wah, the Nee Soon South Springleaf NC partnered Japan’s SHOOT Football Academy to launch a weekly session of football training and game. The younger residents, age ranging from 5 to 13 year-olds, enjoyed the session with four coaches in attendance guiding the participants with various basic and foundational skills in structured but fun manner ending with a game.

Six little 6-year old from the Japanese International School also came in full soccer attire to show off their skills and mastery. Relative to their age, they displayed great discipline and mastery of the sport and clearly showed the benefits of having undergone proper professional coaching with the SHOOT ACADEMY of Japan. Managing Director, Mr Frank Kobayashi was on hand to show the participants the finer points of the sport and even adult residents went on to join the game. Looking forward, SNC will organize friendly matches and exhibition games for our residents when the number in this interest group builds up.

If you wish to join the activity, held regularly on every Saturday at 4.00pm sharp at the Football field off Springleaf Road, just turn up or contact Mr Frank Kobayashi at 9816-0855 for details regarding coaching.


31st January 2009 was a nightmarish evening for motorists driving into the Springside Estate as the roads lining the estate was choc-a-bloc with cars, vans and lorries – but no one is complaining. The reason is two stretches of streets were partially closed for residents, literally neighbours living side-by-side, to turn out in full force to celebrate the beginning of Spring in the Year of the Ox. Er Lee Bee Wah, MP for Ang Mo Kio GRC and Advisor to Nee Soon South Grassroots Organizations was invited to both locations to join in the festive celebrations that included a total of 14 prancing lions and dragons. Along the way, she also popped into units where large family members were gathered together.The Springside estate is also a rare community where neighbours pool money together to light up their streets. Residents at Springside Green also whipped up dishes to pile up a 12 meter long table of pot luck. There’s never a dull moment as neighbours, young and old took the opportunity to catch up with one another during the deserving holiday break.


June 22nd 2008 may be the eve of another new school term after the long school holiday break but that did not deter the residents of Springside, Hong Heng, Thong Soon and Springleaf Estates to treat their parents to a sumptuous 9-course dinner at the Galley by the Straits Waterfront Restaurant at a northern corner of Singapore.PARENTS’ NITE, the signature & popular event, organized by the Nee Soon South Springleaf NC brought together some 260 residents, young and old, to honor and show appreciation to parents. The beautiful and serene seaside venue provided an atmosphere of freshness and calm as the diners were entertained by the 16 piece Thomson Big Band Jazz Group as they feast through the night that was intermittently surprised by table games & draws that kept everyone intensely involved & excited.

A jubilant Guest-of Honour Er LEE BEE WAH, who had just returned from a trip abroad, was overjoyed by the reception of all the guests present. She later handed out each parent a carnation stalk and each guest received hand-gift as well. She also presented tokens of appreciation to donors from these estates for providing hot meals to the needy in Nee Soon South. Twenty poor and needy residents were also invited to join in the celebration. Judging from the response and feedback – IT WAS A GREAT EVENING


In a rare and first of its kind, the residents of Springside Estate band together to light up their entire estate to set a Romantic Festive mood in welcoming the Year of the Golden Rat. Streets were adorned by colored lights, lanterns and decorations. Many families also got together and filled their entire streets with parties – tossing for prosperity and exchanging auspicious greetings. Prancing Lions and Twirling Dragons were invited to grace the many gatherings. At the Street Party held at Springside Green, Guest-of Honour Er LEE BEE WAH MP for Ang Mo Kio GRC accompanied by the God of Fortune presented families with Good Luck packs and children with Red Packets in the midst of a sumptuous flow of food, wine and music. Psst!…rumors is also rife that many residents there struck lotteries because they lighted up their streets.


What would you wish for in this day and time during Christmas? Well it depends on who and what you are. Residents of Private Estates at the Springside, Thong Soon Gardens, Springleaf and Hong Heng Mansion are considered well-heeled and almost all can afford to shower themselves with the dream presents a wanting. But MP for Ang Mo Kio GRC and Adivisor to Nee Soon South Grassroots Organizations had a different take on Christmas presents for her residents in this enclave under the watch of the Springleaf Neighbourhood Committee. It took her almost a year to wrangle the way to unwrap this present for her community residents – listening, talking, persuading, negotiating and even appealing to all relevant parties to bring the GIFT of CONVENIENCE by way of two Green Buses that serves a direct point-to-point shuttle service between the two major estates to the Yio Chu Kang MRT station and Bus Interchange. Residents, particularly students and housewives rejoice the introduction of the direct shuttle bus service as the greatest Christmas present as it eases and brings relief to the many years of Bus transfers, crossing roads and lengthier time of traveling. At the launch and Party held on Christmas Day 2007, the media & press were out in force to cover the joy and jubilation celebrated by the residents of the four combined estates. A note of caution, however still prevails as this bus service is on a trial run for a three month period and only sufficient ridership will ensure its continuity. Nevertheless, we thank our MP and SMRT for stepping forward to agree to give the service a trial and you have provided this Gift with the added magical touch.



As more and more people age towards a longer lifespan, health consciousness and wellness has found priority in everyone’s mind as the residents of Springside, Thong Soon and Springleaf Estates formed the Springleaf Neighbourhood Committee “Healthy Lifestyle Club”. Prodded by a slim and fit Er LEE BEE WAH, MP for Ang Mo Kio GRC, a passionate proponent & practitioner of Health & Fitness, some 60 residents started out at three different locations on early Sunday morning of 23rd December to brisk walk their way to rendezvous at the Old Nee Soon Road before proceeding to Springleaf Gardens. There the entire group did a ten minutes workout before proceeding to the Prata Place for a hearty breakfast. For residents who are interested with a more dedicated regime of healthy exercise, you may want to take note that at the Springside Estate, a group of more than 30 residents meet weekly on Saturday Morning to practice & master the “Tai Chi” Art whilst another group of senior citizens at Thong Soon Green also meet every morning at 6.00am to do “Qi Qong”. Residents living in the three estates are also well endowed with the expansive and natural ground of tranquility that surrounds them. MAY GOOD HEALTH BE WITH YOU ALWAYS















There is a Chinese Saying that at home you depend on your family and when outdoors, you depend on your friends.So when the Nee Soon South Springleaf Neighbourhood Committee went about organizing a street party for the new residents at Springside Estate, it carried the adage of this saying and transformed Springside Place into a serene and cozy tavern for some 300 residents of the young neighbourhood to step out, mingle and enjoy the food, magic show and an intense singing competition. The spirit of the night was warm and welcoming by all who attended including Er LEE BEE WAH who stayed throughout the night and was kept busy by residents who engaged her with food, drinks, tales and cordial exchanges.




























22 Sep 2007

The Mid-Autumn Festival is a much celebrated event in Chinese culture and at one of the most touted “KAMPONG SPIRITED” enclave of Nee Soon South – THE SPRINGSIDE ESTATE,
the mood and festive celebration moved a notch higher.To begin with, more than 550 residents converged to celebrate the night with Lion and Dragon dance performances, lantern procession, fabulous food & refreshment amidst a tranquil & romantic setting under the beautiful moon and stars – enhanced by a hundred crimson lanterns that dotted the street and landscape. The crowd comprising of residents from the Springleaf, Thong Soon, Hong Heng and Springside estates were treated to songs and performances by professional entertainers from Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand. Residents, both young and old also enjoyed themselves through various fringe activities like games, solving riddles a-la lantern fest style and of course the lucky draw segments with prizes worth over $3,000. To avoid competition between adults and children, the organizers, Nee Soon South Springleaf Neighbourhood Committee conducted separate draws for them.MP for Ang Mo Kio GRC and advisor to Nee Soon South Grassroots Organizations Er LEE BEE WAH was clearly overwhelmed by the reception and warm presence of the crowd. After sips of tea and nibbling mooncakes she addressed the crowd in reflection of her pleasure to witness the strong bonding amongst the residents and acknowledge the many kind sponsors for the event. The only regret she had was she could not stay longer to savor the atmosphere as her grace is also required elsewhere.

Honour Thy parents

Springleaf Neighbourhood Committee did a 2-in-1 for the very first time when they organized Parents’ Day celebration on 9th June 2007 at Jumbo Serangoon Restaurant, Serangoon Gardens Country Club.

Attended by 300 residents from the Springleaf, Springside, Thong Soon Estates and Hong Heng Mansions, Er Lee Bee Wah was GOH to grace the evening filled with a delightful nine-course seafood dinner with seamless entertainment of nostalgic numbers to help parents from three generations reminisce their romantic relationship. Instead of celebrating Mothers’ and Fathers’ Day respectively, the organizing committee felt that both parent should be brought together at the same time to give greater significance of respect and honour both heads of the household equally. It turns out to be a hit with the residents.

Er Lee called on the residents, particularly children to honor their parents and not to forget their arduous, persevering, and patient journey in bringing us up. Good parenting is also not preordained as she recounted her own parents’ challenges in bringing up her and her siblings as well as citing other examples of hardship she had come across from other families. Later in the evening, Er Lee went round to each table to greet guests and present hand gifts to parents.

Community Carnival 2006

Our Street rep, Mr Martin Goh, up close with the Prime Minister during the street reps’ appointment.

Springleaf Gardens was the venue for hosting of the 2006 Community Day where the Street & Block reps of Nee Soon South was launched. See who dropped in for TEA?

A breath taking view of the splendid Springleaf garden transformed into a huge picnic ground for some 2500 visitors during the Community Carnival 2006 that featured many things unique – amongst which was the presence of Grafitti painting, Street Dance, Games and Telematches

Mid Autumn Festival Celebration


A brave lion prancing and jumping from pillar to pillar thrills the crowd .

120 hi-tech lanterns awaiting adoption by screaming kids who had earlier followed its procession around the Springside estate roads & closely guarding their targets.

Just look at the food spread being readied for some 500 hungry residents.

SNC Entertains

The Human pyramid with hands and legs extended?

Or hitching a ride from you?

We provide further stimulation for our children.

Little darlings parade at our Children’s fancy dress competition and perfoming at our Festival.

Our Various Spot Art Competition

They participate in our various spot art competition – as seen here, keeping our judges busy and perplexed.

We also educate all our young and old children about the danger of dengue, its root cause and prevention.

Local and Regional Tours

Senior folks, housewives and aunties are not only the ones who love a short trip around our island once in a while. SNC have organized many local and regional tours for its residents in the past and they love it. If you have any interesting destinations of interest and intrigue, do share with us and who knows, we may organize one to surprise your neighbors with this newfound place or events.

If you would like us to organize a tour please contact your street rep or NC member at Tel: 67533121


SNC Chairman, Mr Wilson Zhuang noticed that there are many well-off families living in the Springleaf NC enclave. Whilst It is not easy to attract most of them to participate in our activities, he found many have the propensity and compassion to extend a helping hand to the needy and elderly. He mooted the idea of setting up a Traditional Chinese Medicine Center in Nee Soon South to treat the poor and needy. However his initial intended location, “the Nessea Club” proved to be too far for the convenience of patients. His search ended when he discovered the Sr Citizens Corner at Block 719 at Yishun St 71 was situated right in the middle of many residents needing such a center. Over a cup of tea, he shared the idea with Mr Varadarajulu, the Chairman of Zone A RC, who organizes and runs the center to open up Ren Ai TCM @ Yishun Centre. Naturally, approval has also to be sought and when the two gentlemen presented the project to Nee Soon South Grassroots Adviser, Er Lee Bee Wah for blessings and clearance, she, without hesitation, endorsed the program and even rallied her Division to ensure the success. Thus REN AI TCM CENTRE @ YISHUN was born on 4 th February 2007.

Generous sponsors and donors in a group photo with Advisor Er Lee Bee Wah and president of REN AI,
Mr Yeo Soon Lai PBM


SNC chairman, Wilson Zhuang, Ren Ai’s chairman, Yeo Soon Lai PBM, and Zone A RC chairman , Varadarajulu endorsing the MOU whilst CCC chairman, Jack Soh BBM,

Er Lee Bee Wah and Ren-Ai’s Vice President, Ngo Lian Kwee look on.

Ren Ai TCM Centre @ Yishun treat patients once every Thurs but by June 2007 will operate on Mondays as well to cope with the increasing demand.

Er Lee chats with a TCM Practitioner and her patient while another is being diagnosed and treated

A VIP Group photo taken with Ren Ai Charitable Center Exco members & Practitioners,

Nee Soon South Grassroots Orgs chairmen and Guest-of Honor, Er LEE BEE WAH

A generous sum of $10,000 from Springside Estate Mdm Irene Lee Bee Yean (right of Er LBW)