Palms NC

About Us

PALMS which is an acronym formed using all the alphabets of the 4 smaller estates namely Jalan Mata Ayer, Jalan
Lengkok, Platina and GoodLink Park.

The Estate which is located very conveniently along Sembawang Road is a stone’s throw away from Nee Soon South CC and
Khatib MRT Station.

The PALMS NC which was formed in 2010, just last year has since done 2 resident’s gathering and several house visits with
Ms Lee Bee Wah.

The NC was also recently awarded the Estate Upgrading Programme and is looking forward to giving the estate a fresh, new

The Committee is spearheaded by some very young grassroots leaders who are looking to improve the estate and looks into
the concerns of the residents and stakeholders in the estate and come up with innovative and unique initiatives.

If you are interested to find out more, please feel free to email Mr Rajagopal at

5th TERM OF OFFICE: 1 APR 2018 TO 31 MARCH 2020
 1 Mr Thorasamy Rajagopal Chairman
 2 Mr Tan Lee Seng Vice Chairman
 3 Ms Chan Yan Yi Secretary
 4 Mr Arunachalam Muthiah Asst Secretary
 5 Mdm Kuah Beng Choo Treasurer
 6 Mr Chang Kok Bu (Rodney) BBM(L) Executive Member
 7 Dr Dojoni Huang Sian Wei Executive Member
 8 Mr Jayakumar Narayanan, BBM Auditor
 9 Mr Liang Zhen Chang Executive Member
 10 Mdm Selena Tan Lee See Secretary