ROS No: 0276/1980
S.No Name Position
 1  Mr Jack Soh Tze Churn, JP, BBM(L)  Honorary Chairman
 2  Mr Raymond Chia Lee Meng PBM  Patron
 3  Mr Huang Yuxiang  Patron
 4  Mr Leong Suet Wah  Patron
 5  Mr Henry Lim Kee Seng PBM  Patron
 6  Mr Lim Kui Teng Alan PBM  Patron
 7  Mr Lim Peng Siew  Patron
 8  Mr Neo Een  Patron
 9  Mr Ng Seng Hua Thomas  Patron
 10  Mr Quek Hong Peng  Patron
 11  Mr Soh Tze Chai  Patron
 12  Mr Toh Khai Cheng, BBM(L)  Patron
 13  Mr Yee Boon Hong  Patron
 14  Mr Chua King Wah  Patron
 15  Mr Yap Soon Sin Sunny  Patron
 16  Mr Lee Ke Hoo,Alex PBM  Chairman
 17  Mr Poh Chin Heng Alan  Vice Chairman
 18  Mr Gay Choon Hooi Simon  Vice Chairman
19  Mr Wong Yuan Jun Eldwin  Vice Chairman
 20  Mr Ong Khong Weng Alvin  Vice Chairman
 21  Miss Lee Hui Ying  Secretary
 22  Miss Sithararani D/O Doriasamy PBM  Assistant Secretary
 23  Mr Goh Jin Quan Alan  Assistant Secretary
 24  Miss Sim Zhen Li Claressa  Assistant Secretary
 25  Mr Lim Puay Kuan Ernest  Treasurer
 26  Ms Law Chang Fong Lorina PBM  Assistant Treasurer
 27  Mr Ng Pooh Cheok Charles  Auditor
 28  Mr Ng Kian Swan  Auditor
 29  Mr Thirunal Karasu s/o Palaniappan, JP. BBM  Grassroot Senior
 30  Mr Wallace Chew Gow Hee, BBM  Member
 31  Mr Jaspreet Singh Chhabra  Member
 32  Mr Chong Choy Fatt Jason  Member
 33  Mr Henry Fung Kok Kiang  Member
 34  Mdm Gogiladevi d/o Meande  Member
 35  Mdm Hung Suet Leng Evelyn  Member
 36  Ms Kalarani d/o Ramasamy  Member
 37  Mr Koh Heng Chan, BBM  Member
 38  Mr Koh Swee Chiok PBM  Member
 39  Mdm Ellen Lim Soon Boey PBM  Member
 40  Mr Narayanan s/o Sankunni Nair, PBM  Member
 41  Mr Ng Hak Hai PBM  Member
 42  Mr Robert Ong Boon Hock PBM  Member
 43  Mr Ooi Aik Huat, PBM  Member
 44  Mr Phua Wee Woon, PBM  Member
 45  Mr Pong Teck Koon Kenny  Member
 46  Mr Rajagopal s/o S Thorasamy  Member
 47  Mr Sahul Hameed Bin M. A. Kadir, PBM  Member
 48  Mr Shi Song Jun @ Sugeng Sanusi  Member
 49  Mr Soh Say Kiat Seth  Member
 50  Mr Tan Joo Teck PBM  Member
 51  Mr Edward Tan Kee Hai, PBM  Member
 52  Mdm Tan Poh Hua, BBM  Member
 53  Mr Toh Boon Teck, PBM  Member
 54  Mr Toh Meng Yak Michael  Member
 55  Mr Jais Bin Salleh  Member
 56  Ms Kumutha d/o Thinagaran  Member
 57  Mr Wong Choon Weng  Member
 58  Mr Lee Cheng Kok Jordan  Member
 59  Mr Lim Seow Long Elton  Member
 60  Mdm Irene Lee Bee Yean  Member
 61  Mr Sasikumar s/o Narayanan Nair  Member
 62  Chun Thai Leng, Irene  Member
 63  Lai Me Poh Mabel  Member
 64  Mr Tan Jeng Poh  Member
 65  Ms Ching Chiew Lian  Member
 66  Mr Lai Wee Yeong  Member
 67  Mdm Rohani Bte Hashim  Member
 68  Ms Chua Yiwen Evon  Member
Role & Responsibility

The Citizens’ Consultative Committee of Nee Soon South Division is the supreme committee that oversee the Social interest and welfare of Nee Soon South. Like a mother entity, it concurrently supervises and cohesively function with its eighteen (18) subsidiary Grassroots organizations to raise and manage funds, distribute aid such as bursaries and community care; organize programs & activities at divisional level – and at times supporting other GROs projects; and manifestly looking into every issue that is close to the hearts and minds of residents of Nee Soon South. In year 2006 alone, over 600 projects were organized by the combined GROs of Nee Soon South.

Nee Soon South has a unique combination of 60% HDB (Heartland) dwellers and 40% of landed & private properties dwellers. With diverse and sophisticated demand for services & maintenance, improvement and progressive development of both hard and software for the community, the Committee is constantly challenged to do its very best to serve the needs & interests of our residents.

The Committee, comprising of volunteers from all walks of life and representing all conceivable segments of our enclave come with an admixture of skills, multifarious experience and passion to serve – meeting regularly each month to actively review and implement plans, actions and activities to make Nee Soon South an even better home for all.

The Committee also works closely with various Agencies, Stat Boards and Government bodies to design, plan and implement improvements, new facilities, safety and security issues in tandem with feedback received from its residents. Whilst it is not possible to accommodate every single wish, the CCC is proud that it has accomplished most of the requests and wishes that accommodates their way and quality of life. The less privileged are also not forgotten as various welfare and financial assistance programs have been initiated to provide both short and long term assistance to put them back on their feet.

Service & Programs Initiatives

Hotmeal (Zone A RC)

Ren Ai TCM (Zone A RC & Springleaf NC)

Veggie Distribution Day (Zone ‘A’ RC)