Monthly Message December 2018

Dear Residents

GoodLife!@Yishun is officially open, with the first aromatherapy service for elderly and caregivers in Singapore.

In 2014, I envisioned a HealthPolis— a network of services to cater to every resident. The healthy will be encouraged to stay healthy. The sick will get support to manage their conditions. The elderly will be able to age in place, supported by a loving community.

It was a big dream. But we rolled up our sleeves and got to it. We linked up with health professionals. We raised funds. We recruited retired nurses and community volunteers.

Four years later, we have a whole array of services. 

  • Exercise stations certified by doctors from the Exercise Is Medicine unit in CGH
  • One Designated Smoking Point roughly every 3 blocks, to reduce secondhand smoke exposure for non-smokers
  • Nurses and resource centres to help you understand your health and chronic diseases 
  • SCAL-NKF Dialysis cum Outreach Centre
  • Clarity Counselling Centre for Mental Health
  • Wellness Centre for 5,000 senior citizens
  • Dementia-friendly community
  • And now Goodlife @Yishun at Blk 838!

Now I can proudly say that my dream has been largely fulfilled. With the support of the community, I will continue to meet your needs.

To stay healthy, many of you exercise in our parks. However, a few have reported seeing snakes in and near these parks. Please remember if you leave snakes alone, they will not attack you. Report any overgrown grass on the OneService app. If you need to remove a snake, ACRES can be reached at 97837782 at any time of the day. They also have an advisory notice on snakes:

For those going on holiday overseas, just a reminder to ensure your doors and windows are safely secured. Make sure all electrical fittings are switched off correctly. Inform your neighbours to help keep an eye on your home.

In this year-end season, do join us at the following events:

-Christmas Carnival 2018: 16 Dec 2018, Sunday, 5.00pm -9.00pm, MPC@Khatib  

-Countdown @ Nee Soon South 2019, 31 Dec 2018, Monday, 7.30pm – 12.30am, MPC@Khatib  

I wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


Er. Dr. Lee Bee Wah

MP for Nee Soon GRC
Advisor to Nee Soon South Grassroots Organisations