Monthly Message August 2018

Dear Residents, 


Many of you have read from the news about cyberattacks on the SingHealth cluster. While we were able to prevent terrorist attacks on our citizens so far, we were not able to stop attacks on the cyber front. We are just as vulnerable as any other country in the developed world when it comes to the use of the Internet. But don’t be alarmed. Our Government is doing its best to protect us from such cyberattacks but you as citizens must also play your part. It has prevented many previous attacks. So, as citizens, do be vigilant and don’t fall into any phishing while surfing the internet. Remember to protect your data and use a strong password, keep it confidential and change it periodically.

On estate matters, I would like to ask residents in the private estates to be more considerate when parking their vehicles. Do follow the traffic rules and do not park near a junction where your vehicle would be blocking the view of other drivers, or even pedestrians. Also, please bear in mind that every morning, the garbage trucks would be going around the estates to clear your refuse bins. These big vehicles need a wide space to manoeuvre their vehicles. If you park indiscriminately, you are hampering their operations.

Next, our grassroots in Mandai/Meng Suan has started a Citizens On Patrol (COP). I do urge residents to come and sign up as volunteers. Let’s make our estates safe for our families by volunteering for COP. Go check it out and do your part for your neighbourhood.

This month we are celebrating our National Day. There will be a ND Observance Ceremony on Aug 9 (Thursday) at 7.30am-11am at MPC@Khatib. Please come and join us as proud citizens of Singapore to pledge support for our nation as ONE united people.

Other activities for this month are:
– National Day Flea Market on Aug 12 (Sunday) from 9am-2pm at MPC@Khatib;
– Super Sunday on Aug 12 (Sunday) from 7.30pm-10pm at MPC@Khatib;
– CCC Litter Picking with Palms NC on Aug 19 (Sunday) from 8.30am-10.30am at Goodlink Park Pavilion. Do wear red/white attire for this event.

It gives us a lot of pride to see so many homes flying our Singapore flag. I want to thank all residents for their support to mark our National Day celebrations. Yes, this is our home, our beloved country. Let’s keep the flags flying high!

May I take this opportunity to also wish everyone a Happy National Day and Majulah Singapura!


Er. Dr. Lee Bee Wah

Advisor to Nee Soon South Grassroots Organisations