Monthly Message April 2019

Dear Residents


In the past months, there has been some confusion concerning the CPF retirement payout age. There is no change. You may request to start your payouts anytime between 65 and 70 years old. The longer you leave your CPF in the account, the more interest you earn and accumulate in your account. If you don’t request for withdrawal, the payout will start automatically when you are 70.

Here is a guide by CPF Board about CPF retirement payouts: Please share it with your friends and family. Always turn to official sources if you have doubts. Check what you receive online. Don’t fall for fake news which want to mislead and worry you unnecessarily.

Moving on to issues within the neighbourhood, I have received feedback from residents about their neighbours raising their voices at night, even after midnight, and disturbing their sleep. Please be considerate to your neighbours and refrain from yelling at night. In any case, shouting rarely resolves any problems. Try waiting till morning to talk it over calmly.

Also do not slam the doors when opening your gates and doors at night. The noises are amplified at night when it is very quiet and it affects your neighbours. Living in a community is about showing consideration for others. I am sure we all can do our best to live peacefully together.

All residents are invited to the following events:

5 May: No Cleaners Day and mass litter-picking, 4.00pm at all RCs and main event at Khatib Plaza (in front of Blk 841 Yishun St 81) from 5.00pm onwards.

11 May: Nee Soon South Mother’s Day dinner. 7-10pm, MPC@Khatib. Tickets for sale in the CC

Each RC/NC will also organise a post-Budget dialogue session.

Further information will be available on the Nee Soon South website and RC notice boards.

I wish all Christians a Happy Easter.


Er. Dr. Lee Bee Wah

MP for Nee Soon GRC
Advisor to Nee Soon South Grassroots Organisations