Our Grassroots Adviser

October 2021 Message


Dear Residents,



In October there are some important occasions we want to honor as a community – Children’s Day on 1st October and World Mental Health Day on 10 October. Important because children are our future, they will be the pillars for our society and country some day. Mental health is equally important, especially in view of the rising trend in suicides, and especially amongst the young in our society today. Latest figures show that 1 in 7 people in Singapore will experience a mental health disorder in their lifetime. What can we do to care for those afflicted or who struggle with mental health in our community?


This month, we will be launching a new grassroots committee called the Mental Well-being Committee. In the year ahead, volunteers and I will be learning and sharing with you about how to maintain good mental health, prevent mental health problems and, how to better support those who struggle with mental health issues. In time to come, we hope to form a community of volunteer befrienders who are trained and equipped with the knowledge to help direct suitable support resources to those who may need help in this area. 


I’d like to take the opportunity to thank our community partners – MontfortCare & GoodLife (at Blk 838), Clarity Singapore (at Blk 854) and Saint Anglican Community Services (at Blk 707), who have been providing very good support to our residents and their families. They each specialize in different areas of mental health support – MontfortCare for dementia, Clarity Singapore for mood disorders, and SACS for psychiatric conditions. We hope to spread awareness that support is available, and anyone who feels like they might be depressed, struggle with anxiety, delusions or compulsive behavior or who notice someone around them struggling with these can feel free to reach out for help. 


I believe as more people understand these conditions, that it could happen to anyone of us or our loved ones, there will be less stigma and more love in the way we respond to mental health challenges in our society. In line with our Nee Soon South core values of being Inclusive and Empathetic, I encourage residents to step forward to share, to volunteer, to get involved in some way or other, to look out for one another’s health and well-being. My message to parents and young parents is that you too, play a critical role in the mental well-being of your children. You CAN support your child well with awareness, mindful parenting and some knowledge. We will be sharing resources to better equip you on your parenthood journey. 


Look out for various workshops and educational content coming your way in the coming months. The first is a panel discussion I had with the CEO of Institute of Mental Health, the President of Singapore Psychological Society as well as Co-founder of non-profit Over-The-Rainbow, on the topic of Youth Mental Health and Role of Parents in supporting them. It will be posted on my social media on 10th October, do check it out! 😊



Warmest regards,