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Dec 2023 / Jan 2024 Message


Dear Residents,

The year end brings with it a time of reflection, celebration, and preparing ourselves
to welcome the new year. Are there things you are glad you have completed or
accomplished you might like to celebrate? Are there things you would like to continue
working on with renewed energy in 2024?

2023 has been very fulfilling and meaningful for me, thanks to the close partnerships
with community agencies, our grassroots volunteers and also our dear residents who
have shared many feedback and suggestions with me. In the past 12 months, we
made several enhancements to various locations in Khatib, including upgraded
shelters and walkways, new ramps to improve accessibility in St 51, and also the
Home Improvement upgrade for 58 blocks.

We also established new community networks such as the Caregiver Resource Centre
at Blk 839, the Caregivers Support Group and Pet Owners Group on Whatsapp, as
well as a young parents support group in Zone G initiated by enthusiastic residents
and volunteers. These networks are ways we facilitate residents to share helpful
resources and information with one another.

In Parliament earlier this year, I spoke about the importance of Nature in our lives,
especially for the healthy development of our young children. Beyond just “talking”
about it, I am putting it in action, and have pulled together various people and
resources to start Khatib’s very own permaculture garden at Zone B behind Blk 783 in
October. It is now starting to grow nicely with the joint effort, labor and dedication of
residents and our grassroots leaders. I have named it “Khatib Wellspring Farmden” –
it’s a little farm-garden, where I hope WELLNESS will spring forth through the
abundance of lovingly planted organic vegetables and fruits! Sometime next year, we
will be able to take our little children on learning visits to this garden to learn about
nature and how our food comes about. It is also open to anyone who would like to join
and learn about “Nature’s technology” – i.e. planting and farming principles that can
help to rejuvenate and restore the health of our Earth as well as our bodies!

Very happy to also see Zone G’s community garden at Blk 506 becoming a learning
and experimental space, led by Residents’ Network volunteer Anthony who has also
started permaculture gardening at the carpark rooftop. I hope that with your
enthusiasm and participation, we can bring permaculture into every community garden
in Nee Soon South, and enjoy healthily and sustainably grown harvests that we can
share amongst friends and neighbors.

At the same time, Zone C residents have also started to adopt more Earth-friendly
habits, such as bringing their own plates and cutlery to events near their blocks, so
that we can reduce the use of disposable plastic. I am grateful for their strong support
and I’m sure our little ones are grateful too for these actions that will help them inherit
a healthier and plentiful Earth. Let’s all practice “Use Less, Share More, Waste Not”
with vigor in the coming year, shall we? 🙂 

With so much to celebrate, I am looking forward to the 31 December Countdown Party
that will be jointly organized with my other colleagues from Nee Soon GRC. This time
it will be held at the Futsal Arena behind Northpoint City, and there will be awesome
fireworks display that I know many residents look forward to. I hope to see you there
to wrap up an awesome 2023 together!

There is much to look forward to in 2024, we are all eagerly awaiting the opening of
the Khatib Polyclinic and upgraded Community Club. There will be wellness-centric
talks as well as social activities organized throughout the year that the various
grassroots networks and committees have planned. Let’s Learn Well and Live Well
together. Meantime, stay healthy and happy, and may the new year bring you and
your family much bonding and joyful times!

Warmest Regards,

Carrie Tan