Our Grassroots Adviser

Dec/Jan 2022 Message


Dear Residents,

Happy year-end holidays to everyone! How is your health, and your family?

Recently, we have seen many families resuming holidays to other countries now that overseas travel restrictions are lifted. At the same time, there are also some families who are still cautious about Covid. We hope to create some year-end cheer for everyone in Khatib, whether you might like to have social activities, or prefer to stay home, and our grassroots volunteers have been busy organizing a variety of programmes for this purpose.

Over at Springleaf Estate, our Neighbourhood Committee has organized walks and talks in nature at Springleaf Nature Park, with our friendly community outreach personnel from NParks coming to share many interesting facts and knowledge. This will be a regular activity and we welcome residents from Khatib to also join if you’d like to learn more about the nature that surrounds our beautiful neighbourhood.

In the center of Khatib, our Youth Network organized a bustling Halloween Carnival party in October at our multi-purpose court which Minister Shanmugam and my fellow grassroots advisers Mr Louis Ng, Mr Derrick Goh and I visited. It was a lot of fun to see families from different parts of Yishun dressed up creatively for the occasion! The next event coming up will be the year end New Year’s Eve carnival, we hope you are looking forward to it!

Parties and carnivals aside, we want to make sure our elderly residents who are less mobile are also well-engaged to keep their minds active. In the last few months, we gave out specially built radios to elderly residents that come with Mandarin dialect programmes from old Rediffusion archives, kindly made possible by community donor Mr Calvin Chua, and our Community Development Welfare Fund grassroot volunteers Dorothy and Lixin. It brought them a lot of cheer and we hope it makes them feel less lonely when they are at home. We hope to extend this radio distribution programme to more elderly residents, including the Malay and Tamil-speaking seniors, and would appreciate residents to come forward to share with if you know of Malay or Tamil language content suitable for seniors that we can include.

On the welfare and support front, I understand from speaking with many caregivers that there are often costs related to caring for aging and ill parents that cause some stress. To help with this, we launched the Eldercare Diaper Support program to help families who are struggling with the costs of caregiving. Families who are Blue or Orange CHAS card holders and have a family member certified by a doctor to have an incontinence condition can apply for this support. We will provide 5 packets of adult diapers each month to help defray your out-of-pocket care expenses. If you know of any neighbour who can benefit from this, do let them know to come apply for some support!

At the same time, we are working with a community partner called SG Assist to provide a Caregivers’ Resource Centre in Khatib, so that everyone can have access to information and support to make their caregiving journey less stressful. We encourage youth and students to come check it out when it’s ready in Q1 of 2023, so that they can be better equipped to help look after Ah Gong and Ah Ma! We hope that as more members of the family and community are better equipped to care for seniors, it will help to lighten the load of caregivers who often find it overwhelming and lonely.

Last but not least, as we prepare for the new school year, our free tuition programme at Zone H RC Centre – “Homework Cafe at 508B” is looking for more volunteers to help children with their studies. If you’re a youth aged 18 years old and above and would like to help out children from financially-challenged backgrounds with their school work, do write in to NeeSoonSouthYouthNetwork@gmail.com to enquire.

With the variety of programmes and activities lined up throughout the year, we hope that you will come join them, whether as a participant or volunteer, and make friends so that we can forge a more closeknit community. With the global situation and international affairs becoming increasingly tense and uncertain, all the more we need to make sure that we are united and looking after one another well as a people. Do not hesitate to reach out if you’re facing any challenges, as we have a wonderful network in the community that we are continually building and strengthening.

With that, I wish everyone a wonderful Christmas Season, and many best wishes for a healthy and happy 2023!

Warmest regards,

Carrie Tan