Our Grassroots Adviser

June 2021 Message


Dear Residents,


I pen this letter to you in the thick of Covid-19 Phase 2 Heightened Alert measures. I am sure we are all disappointed with having to stay-home again after more than a year of the pandemic. Especially our Muslim friends who are missing the 2nd year of celebrations of Hari Raya in a row. Nevertheless, I’m grateful that most Singaporeans fully appreciate the need to exercise control and restraint in our daily interactions and movements, so that we can keep one another safe. It is this strong sense of community spirit that will pull us through the toughest times.


To help us cope better, we are rolling out a virtual talent contest on our Nee Soon South Community Club’s Facebook page. We invite all talented residents to share and showcase your talents with us by submitting a video of your special talent/craft. These videos will be posted each week and all viewers of the page can “Like” to express their support. I hope this contest can help us to get to know one another better and keep our bonds in the community alive and strong. Do follow the weekly postings and “Like” or comment to give encouragement and appreciation to fellow residents!


Speaking of strong bonds, we have some new people in Nee Soon South community to welcome and to bond with. You may have received news that there has been a change in our Town Council Managing Agent from EMS to C&W after 30 years. This was decided after an open tender process in which C&W came in with the most competitive proposal. The past 3 months, I have been busy together with Town Council Chairperson Derrick Goh and the transition committee to oversee this change. We are working to ensure that the services provided at for our town and estates will remain smooth and well-delivered. I welcome the new team of Property Officers and I hope you do too. They will be working hand in hand with us and the cleaners to help keep our estates clean, lovely and safe. Do say hi if you come across them from time to time!


Another group to welcome are the new Resident Committee and Neighbourhood Committee Chairpersons. They have commenced a new term since April and will be helping out with various outreach, house visits and other activities once we can resume physical interactions.
Do look out for them in your estate and feel free to reach out to them if you need any assistance.

Whilst physical Meet-the-People sessions are also suspended, you can continue to reach out to me via my email CarrieTanNSS@gmail.com if you need my help. I remain dedicated to assist you in any way I can, even though we are not able to connect in person.


I look forward to see you again at Khatib coffeeshops and at house visits after the Covid restrictions are lifted. Meantime, let’s stay safe, stay positive & kind, and let’s continue to look out for one another where we can.



Warmest regards,