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Block/Street Representatives

The RCs and NCs play an important role in reaching out to the residents of the Nee Soon South Community. In order to improve the bridge between the Government, Grassroots and the community, RCs and NCs are encouraged to appoint Block and Street Representatives in every block and street respectively within the community. This would ensure that the RCs and NCs have an effective communication and feedback network within the community and allow the Grassroots to react promptly to issues raised by the community.

Nee Soon South Active Resident Scheme

Interested in involving in community work? Become a grassroots volunteer!

CERT ( Community Emergency Response Team) Volunteer

CERT stands for Community Emergency Response Team. CERT is a group of volunteers that is organised, and receives special training for the purpose of enhancing their abilities to recognise, respond to and recover from a major emergency or disaster situation. CERT is organised according to the Residents’ Committee (RC) / Neighourhood Committee (NC) Zone. The main role of the CERT is to strengthen the emergency response capabilities of the local community.

CERT Member Enrolment Criteria
•  Be a Singaporean or Permanent Resident
•  At least 14 years old

What is your role as a CERT member?
•  Help the community respond to and recover from emergencies
•  Provide emotional support to residents under psychological stress during emergencies
•  Organise emergency preparedness programmes for residents
•  Help identify residents requiring special assistance during emergencies
•  Disseminate critical information to residents

What is your role as a CERT member?
•  Basic First Aid
•  Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)
•  Fire Safety and Casualty Evacuation
•  Emergency Procedures
•  Ability to deal with unconventional threats
•  Psychological First Aid

We welcome anyone who is interested in joining the CERT. Each team should comprise 10 to 20 members. Our current membership includes grassroots leaders, civil defence and neighbourhood watch zone volunteers, retirees, housewives and students.

To sign up as a CERT member, visit us at NSS Community Club. For more information, call 6340350 or send your emails to 

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Social Assistance


ComCare refers to the Community Care Endowment Fund that has been set up by the Government to address the socio-economic needs of needy Singaporeans and their families.

The ComCare Fund was launched by Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong on 28 June 2005 and it ensures that no needy Singaporean is left behind.
There will be involvement from the community, including grassroots and voluntary welfare organizations and CDCs to assist needy Singaporeans and their families.

Current Assistance Schemes will be streamlined to make it more efficient for needy residents to get help. They will be under the 3 ComCare pillars:

ComCare Reliance: Assistance to help individuals or families become self-reliant
ComCare Grow: Focus on the developmental needs of children from needy families so that they can break out of the poverty cycle
ComCare EnAble: Assisting those who need long-term support including the needy elderly and people with disabilities to integrate into the community

The CCC ComCare Fund gives Citizens’ Consultative Committees (CCC) flexibility to help genuinely needy residents who are not able to get any assistance.  Applications for the CCC ComCare Fund will commence on 1 July 2005.  You can key in your postal code to find out which CCC you belong to.

If you belong to Nee Soon South Division and would like to apply for the CCC ComCare Fund, please approach the CC for more information.

If you are from a Voluntary Welfare Organisation/Grassroots Organisation in the Nee Soon South Division and would like to apply for funding for your pilot projects and programmes, please contact our CC too.