Vasakhi Celebration Gurdwara Shahib Yishun

Vasakhi is a religious festival that marks the Sikh New Year. It is the foundation of the Khalsa community of Sikhs which happened on 14 April 1699 by Guru Gobind Singh, when he created the sword of baptism, the pahul or Amrit Sanchar. It also marks a celebration of the spring harvest and has been an ancient festival of the Punjab.


At Gurdwara Shahib Yishun, some 200 people gathered at the Sikh Temple for prayers and community bonding. Er. Dr. Lee Bee Wah, Adviser to Nee Soon GRC GROs, MP for Nee Soon GRC joined them in the celebration. Mr Eldwin Wong, Nee Soon South CCMC Chairman and Ms Kumutha, Nee Soon South IAEC Chairperson were also present to witness the celebration.