8 new Dementia Go-To-Points

Nee Soon South now has 8 new Dementia Go-To Points. The go-to points serve as resource touch -points to provide useful information and assistance on dementia for the general public and caregivers. They are also ‘safe return’ points where the public can bring individuals who appear to be lost or cannot identify themselves.


After training our grassroots leaders and volunteers, our eight RC centres were designated Dementia Go-To Points. These go-to points are part of the efforts to make Yishun a dementia-friendly community.


The Dementia Go-To-Point Workshop was organised by Nee Soon South CCC Active Ageing Committee (AAC). The training was provided by Agency for Integrated Care (AIC).


Grassroots Adviser for Nee Soon GRC Grassroots Organisations Er. Dr. Lee Bee Wah said this was an important and meaningful initiative. She added: “The number of people living with dementia is expected to increase rapidly, almost double by 2030. And there are misconceptions that dementia only happens when we age or that it is “part and parcel’ of ageing. These go -to points are important to educate our residents about dementia, and what we can do to reduce the risk. Equally important is the role they play in building a community support network to help those who suffer from it.”