11 September 2016 – Litter Picking with Adviser

150 residents joined in our monthly litter picking event with Grassroots Adviser Er. Dr. Lee Bee Wah. National Environment Agency (NEA) officers were also invited to do a short sharing on the Zika virus. With the recent outbreak of the Zika virus, it important for residents to know that everyone has a responsibility to fight Zika by doing the 5-step Mozzie Wipeout to prevent mosquito breeding in their homes. By doing so, we can minimise the risk of Zika further spreading in Singapore.


NEA officers shared on the Zika virus, its symptoms and precautionary measures to take. They touched on common mosquito breeding grounds and the vulnerability of pregnant ladies. This sharing was incorporated into the monthly litter-picking event to raise awareness about mosquito breeding and the spread of Zika and dengue viruses. After the sharing, residents then helped to look out for potential mosquito breeding grounds and at the same time pick litter in public areas together with Adviser.


Grassroots Adviser Er. Dr. Lee Bee Wah said, “Litter can collect water and clog drains. No matter how hard the authorities work to check for breeding grounds, Aedes mosquito larvae can hatch within two days. So our best defense is to keep public areas free of litter. We hope this exercise will increase the awareness that littering can also lead to mosquito breeding. At the same time, flyers are distributed and banners posted to remind people to check their homes of any breeding grounds. Both aspects are important if we want to keep Zika and dengue under check. And we also want to encourage residents to protect themselves with insect repellents and patches against mosquito bites.”


To send the Mozzie Wipeout message to households all over Nee Soon South, flyers were distributed and banners put up in all zones. Staff from TEE Land Limited, a real estate developer, also participated in this event. They sponsored and gave out mosquito repellent to all the residents that participated in this event.